A few more pics from SAS

A few snaps from the reception:

friends making art!

co-conspirators sewing zine bindings like the wind...

Saturday workshop folks making stuff:

Beth Schaible's awesome Saturday workshop compilation giveaway cover:

We clean up pretty good...

Where did the week go??? I think it got gobbled up by re-entry stuff, broken water heaters, weather, etc. The wheel always keeps turning...

After last Wednesday's posting (the block prints) the SAS classes ramped way up...kids were making stuff, we were teaching stuff, we were compiling and copying and sewing and binding stuff, we had a gallery reception (including a tornado of all things!) and then the big push to finish the class zines and THEN do the Saturday workshop. WHEW! It all went super well and was a lot of fun. But true to form while in the middle of all the do-ing I failed to document very well. So, what follows is a bunch of photos in more or less chronological order but I suspect leaving a lot of gaps in the story. My response to that is that you literally had to be there, because it was AWESOME!

Thank you SAS! You guys treated us great and were a joy to work with. You are all now Shoestringers of a sort (it's contagious!)- so carry on smartly and keep making stuff!

MB, signing off...


An aside...

I'm a bit behind on posting the remaining images from last week, I plan to catch up by the end of this week.

I wanted to let everyone know that Robert Croma (Shoestringer and video artist from London, England) lost his father last Tuesday (the first day of the SAS classes.) This happened after a short and acute bout with cancer, and has been a hard time for Robert and his family. Robert had contacted me in the late fall to let me know of the diagnoses, but still was committed to participate in our show.

His submissions of all the videos in the compilation included the piece titled "Night Impromptu" which has recently been shortlisted for an award in the French film festival Videoformes.

It may be odd to post this in the middle of a such a forum, but I think it's important to remember that the world swirls around and lots of things (good and bad, happy and sad) are happening simultaneously. The wheel turns, and making and showing and teaching are all parts of a larger whole.

I am certain i am joined by you all in sending Robert our sympathies and best wishes.


Making Block Prints

Video thumbnail. Click to play
day 3, a short clip...

SAS Workshop Day 2

Video thumbnail. Click to play
so busy I'm a day behind in posting...



People Making Pages

Junior Shoestringers making stuff (6th graders):

not a 6th grader, but still making stuff...

back to the kids...

the AWESOME Christi Teasley making pages!

manual typewriter: star tool of the day!

some finished pages:

Day one: SUCCESS!

Video coming soon....

We Arrived and Set Up...

Beth figuring

Margaret planning

Mark plotting

Resource center in development

Resource center done

Waiting for resources

Beth cutting

Then we went to our sweet LUX accomodations, and....

Beth started making stuff

Margaret started making stuff

and I went to sleep...cause the next day we began bright and early...